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Theresa Caputo Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 59



5.0 star rating Michele Therien from Boston, Massachusetts


It was an amazing show!! Theresa Caputo is the best!

5.0 star rating Pam Nelson from Viola IL


Was at your 7:30 Peoria civic center show and loved it It must be a great feeling to know how you can reach people that are in such pain and torment and help them to move on with their lives. I never miss your TV show and will come to any live venue I can get to. Thank you for a very spiritual and uplifting experience! God Bless You

5.0 star rating Carla from Montreal, Quebec


Theressa caputo you left me amazed ,im running out today to get your book ,if you come to montreal ill buy front row tickets,your so talented.God bless you ;-)

5.0 star rating TC from New Orleans, Louisiana


Theresa's special gift from God is truly amazing! I don't know how she could read people in a room full of over 3,000 people and not get confused, etc. I kind of knew it would be impossible for her to read me but I experienced something I truly will never forget. People around complained how she stayed just in the front, etc but that is the thing. She didn't just flip flop around and give quick readings she focused on what the message was from the person who passed. She helped people that I think truly needed closure, etc. I was fascinated with her abilities. It was truly wonderful! I would love to have a private reading from her but just to experience what I saw and heard was truly amazing! Come back to Louisiana soon Theresa!

5.0 star rating Estelle Walerzak & Michelle Ulrich from Algonac, Michigan


Theresa asked about a William in fiery accident where a lot of people died. My daughter and I were in shock, we were on the complete opposite side in front of stage and we knew after the show what could have been addressed to us. My brother in law was William who was a door gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam Nam that was fired upon and crashed and burned! We never saw the body as it was sealed by the Army & identification was dog tags. She was right in saying that one clue could lead to multiple answers, I wish I had spoke up!

5.0 star rating MLC from Portland, Oregon


I just received a call from my Spouse telling me that I and a friend of mine are going to your show on June 11th in Portland Oregon. I about peed my pants. I am so happily stunned. I have had this secret hope to be able to go to a reading of yours for such a long time. And it is coming true! I thank the Powers That Be! (And I thank my Spouse who is doing this as my birthday present. I am soooooo happy!!!)

5.0 star rating Anni teague from Toledo, Ohio


Great show! So happy to be able to attend. Seats were great and very nice venue! Teresa was a gracious sweet gal and I look forward to seeing her again!!! I purchased the VIP package and it was so worth it! Thank you for a wonderful evening to all and Teresa, you've given me such a wonderful outlook. I look forward to seeing you in the future! God bless!

5.0 star rating Kim from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I really enjoyed the show and seeing Teresa in person. Been watching her on TV for a long time. What an amazing gift she has and a beautiful lady!!!! The shoes were beautiful as well and she had to be blessed with feet that could wear such a style. :) I highly recommend anyone seeing her live experience, even if you don't get read it's amazing to hear about other people's story.

5.0 star rating Mariann from Chicago, Illinois


i am a huge fan of Theresa, and have always been intrigued by the other side. Seeing her in person was amazing. I wondered how she would stream the readings with all the people around. She did it and smack on. Love you and your big shoes Saw her at the Rosemont Theater.

5.0 star rating from Jacksonville, Florida


I had read several reviews where people said her readings were vague, etc. I did not experience that in tonight’s show. It was so obvious that she connected with so many people tonight in a very personal way. I do believe she helped many people tonight. She has an awesome gift!

5.0 star rating Linda Mccallister from Tucson, Arizona


I went to the show in Tucson casino . I like all the rest went there to hear from my loved ones. I have always felt there was 1 more thing I could have done for them. There were lots of tragedy coming thru. She spent lots of time with those loved ones. I walked away from that show actually feeling blessed for the time we had with my loved ones before passing.. They were able to tell me everything they wanted after passing. Those tragedys that came out in the show their families had no time to say their good byes. I was blessed I did. Great show.

5.0 star rating Rebecca from Louisville, Kentucky


Oct.2015 My sister and I went to Louisville palace thinking about our dad who had passed the previous July. She was absolutely amazing! regardless of the palace's size, she makes you feel like you are sitting on her couch at home. We were looking for a word about our dad, and my sister in law so we missed her acknowledgement of a lost baby. If you get blessed to go, lose the preconceived thoughts. You may be totally surprised. If you don't have someone come through, pray forTeresa and those who do and have a wonderful evening!! ENJOY!

5.0 star rating Lori Monoky from Springfield, Illinois


I had lost my mom in over two years ago and her favorite person in the world was Theresa, she had always said if she was she was going to go see her, Unfortunately she I never got that chance. So of course I was hoping with me going to see Theresa she would be able to connect me with my mother ( never thinking it was actually going to happen ) But to my surprise It did!! The sad part is she read me for like five minutes and I was in shock so I literally cannot remember anything she said however I did leave there with a sense of peace that I had not had for years. And for that I cannot thank her enough, I just wish that there was a way for me to get the tape so I could see my reading with her if there’s anyone out there who knows how to do this please respond and let me know!! It would mean the world to me I have tried every website even her fan club and I can’t get a response. I would highly recommend going to see Theresa for anyone who has lost a loved one she is the best!!

5.0 star rating Michele Jamile from Honolulu, Hawaii


Teressa was amazing!!! My daughter won 2 tickets for the show from the radio station. The seats were in the back of the concert hall in Honolulu. My daughter and I showed up late. No one approached us while we were walking in. Teressa had an leg injury and wore a cast or brace, but to our amazement Teressa made her way to the back of the concert hall and gave us a very accurate reading which I feel to this day has helped my family and I deal with the loss of my brother. It has given me strength and peace knowing my brother is around us and most importantly with God....I wasn't expecting a reading, but my brother had a great personality and I had a feeling he may make his presence known!!! Some of the negative reviews were unfair... the expectation of hearing from a departed loved one is always desired, but when you don't get a reading can change people's hearts and leave you with negative's impossible to read everyone in the audience. Don't give up hope go again you may be lucky the next time!!!

4.5 star rating Helen from Saint Louis, Missouri


I was at the STL show on 4-21. I wasn't sure how she would accomplish readings in a group of 4000 people, but it was truly amazing to see her connect with so many people. I feel that she helped them with their grieving and how to move on with their lives. I would definitely see her again. Wish she would have come up to the balcony to address some people, but I guess that is difficult to do in such a large venue. It was a very moving performance.

4.5 star rating David Semen from Toronto, Ontario


My wife and 30 other friends went to see Theresa Caputo at the Sony Centre in Toronto... The way she connects with the audience makes you fell she is speaking to you on a one on one. Absolutely will be seeing her again...I loved her diamond cover was good to see Larry too...she is truly blessed and so were we last night

4.5 star rating Cajun Kitty from New Orleans, Louisiana


I got the opportunity to see Theresa in New Orleans and it was an amazing experience! She didn't get to read me (kind of hard to do with around 3,000 people) but I left with a positive experience. The stories I heard and the special gift Theresa has to communicate we love ones who have passed was so touching. She is amazing! And a wonderful personality! Thank you Theresa for the experience!

4.5 star rating Deb from Providence, Rhode Island


Theresa was spot on and very warm, reassuring and definitely had a special gift. The only problem I had was with her remark about President Obama; I found it neither funny or relevant. That was a bit disappointing. This was the last place I'd expect politics!

4.0 star rating Kara from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Theresa Caputo was very entertaining and read many people. She did not only stay in the front rows but was moving to all different sections. She has an amazing gift of giving people closure whether it was real or not. She did mention many things that only that person would know. I had a blast and thought she did an amazing job. It was very touching and sad to see all the tragedy in the room. I thought it was well worth the money. I love her show and the experience was even better. Even if it is not real, I feel she helps people with the messages provided. The kids that lost parents or grandparents was heart wrenching. I had tears in my eyes on several occasions. I was hoping her husband Larry would have made an appearance on stage.....

4.0 star rating Candice from Rancho cucamonga ,California


Was amazing experience, she is funny too

3.0 star rating Lynn from New Orleans, Louisiana


I was disappointed that Theresa did not speak to anyone in the balcony area. It would have been nice to know that no one in the balcony had a chance to be addressed. When someone in the balcony stood and raised their hand (not being unruly and doing exactly what the floor level people were doing), they were told to sit and be quiet, and it was clear that they would be kicked out if they continued. This person was doing the same activity as the people on the floor level that were chosen - just raising their hand saying that sounded like their family member. Theresa even commented that.. I guess they didn't hear my speech in the beginning (about not calling out). It would have helped if it was clear that the balcony was just for spectators, people were getting frustrated and leaving. It felt as though the balcony was treated as 2nd class citizens.

3.0 star rating Heather Mullins from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Let me start by saying I love Theresa ! I think she does a lot of good for a lot of people who desperately are seeking some type of peace. With that being said, unfortunately, if you are not on the floor you are going to be nothing but a spectator at her shows. During our show, she just acknowledged one person not on the floor whom was sitting fairly close to the East side of the stage on the lower level.. None of us expected a reading, but Theresa rarely looked past the floor level. She was totally consumed with the people on the floor. . It was very, very disappointing. If you are considering going to a show, be aware that unless you are seated on the floor, you are going to be there just to watch . I know what she is doing is harder than it looks, love the shoes, but if they prevent her from connecting with her audiences not on the floor, she might want to consider a shoe change during the show. With a venue this size, mobility is key. We are sticking to the Tv show.

3.0 star rating Kelly Doolan from MGM Casino, Washington DC


I am a HUGE fan of Teresa but I was extremely disappointed in the length of the show. She came out 15 mins late, talked on stage for 15 mins and then only read people for an hour. Huge disappointment.

3.0 star rating Sheri from Phoenix, Arizona


Although Theresa certainly has a high energy and friendly personality and mediumistic abilities, her show fell rather flat. Perhaps breaking up 2 hours of "readings" with a brief intermission and some fun filled interactive moments with the audience to lighten up the energy following multiple painful and difficult readings would help improve the quality and creativity of the show.

3.0 star rating Francis DeCartello from New York, New York


I saw her at NJPAC. She was funny but she most definitely focused on the first few rows. She didn’t even look up. I read the reviews so I knew what I was getting myself into. Most looked like deers in headlights and it seemed as though she was pulling information out from them. I am glad she was able to help a few people that seemed to have a genuine reading and need closure. She ended up demanding an audience member leave because she was trying to get Theresa’s attention in the balcony but Theresa said she was distracting her and she wasn’t “Oprah”. They exchanged a few words and the audience member showed her the middle finger to which she responded “Get her the fuck outta here!” Theresa went about her business and read another member from the balcony sitting a tier below that audience member. She was heard saying she was so mad at the previous lady that she didn’t wanna deal with the tiers. I only recommend if you can afford to sit 10 feet away from her & don’t expect a reading.

3.0 star rating Kris from Norfolk, Virginia


Show was crowded unfortunately she had injured her knee and limited her moving to only section near stage. She was not up to her usual self & she didn't read many people because of her injury. Most of the ones read looked like deer looking at headlights. Some didn't use the mile so others could hear their input, others just nodded. We left early it was a disappointment. She wasn't the Theresa we all see on tv.

3.0 star rating Shimeeka from Atlanta, Georgia


Theresa is entertaining and puts on a good show. This is the second time we have seen her performance. I was disappointed in her “potty mouth” this time, dropping the F Bomb multiple times. There were children in the audience, have some class and respect please! A woman in her 50s cursing like that does not exactly build credibility.

3.0 star rating Sherri A. from Calgary, Alberta


It was an interesting experience seeing her in person, thank goodness for the big screen so we could actually see her. She stuck mostly to the people on the floor as those were the ones she was closet physically to. The first couple readings were great and then it wasn’t, honestly I did not feel part of the show I felt like I was watching a taped show on the big screen. A more intimate venue would have been far more appealing for me. I enjoy watching her on TV and will keep it at that.

3.0 star rating Angela from Peoria, IL


I went to the live show in Peoria, Il. Theresa puts on a great show and is a great entertainer. As far as her “gift” everything she said was vague and many people could relate to. The experience is nothing like her show where she gives specific information about a departed loved one. Also know if you have balcony seats you are just there for the show. She doesnt venture out past the first few rows. She is funny she swares alot and know how to work the audience. I would suggest going to the show to form your own opinion but you will be disappointment if your expectation is what you see her do on TV. She lets you know many times that she doesnt care if you believe in what she does.

3.0 star rating Tina from Buffalo, New York


She spent way to much time up front so my spirits didn’t even have a chance to ever come out but I still think Teresa great person but unless you can afford those expensive seats probably wouldn’t go again cause she can’t get to the people in the back so it took all the fun out of it and I know everybody say it’s spirits who tell her we’re to go but my spirits aren’t that strong to make it that far

3.0 star rating Margie from Portland, Oregon


Theresa is a wonderful presence! However we bought tickets purposefully next section higher than the floor view the stage, to be able to see the stage perfectly, not knowing she doesn’t perform from the stage! She was underneath everyone on that 2nd level the whole time! Do we ended up watching her on the big screen, which I can do at home. It seems there should have been a note in the online ticket info to make this clear. Also, she worked the floor well with her amazing persona, but audience members that she engaged with, couldn’t be heard! They were handed mics but someone in production should have been there to tell them to speak clearly and more loudly holding the mic closer to their faces. There was soooo much dialogue that was missed. Hard to believe no one was on this to assure a much more professional sound experience for her fans.

3.0 star rating Marcia Brandstadt from Cincinnati, Ohio


Love Theresa, but she only focused on the worst family tragedies. People nearby felt slighted.

2.5 star rating Nicole Lalonde from Ottawa, Ontario

AUGUST 8 2015

I was really exited and so looking forward to go last knight as this was a dream of mine since my son had passed away a few years back and was hoping to receive a message in order to help me ease my pain. OK, I understand that she is unable to give messages to every body. But what I was most disappointed in is the fact that she only focused her attention all two hours with the people in front and did not even bother to walk around further in the crowd as maybe WE the others which had also paid to see her was not even considered. Maybe she should be purchasing a pair of snickers instead of her high hill shoes which by the way she was so proud to mention and show off to every body. In my opinion, I am not sure if her show is consisted only with her people seating in the front area or if she is truly a real medium.

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Sacramento, California


June 7th Sleep Train. Way too many people. Most benefit to the people on the floor near her. While I really like her, she spent too much time with her introduction, stories and fan club. Maybe 15? People were fortunate to hear something out of 3000. Is it about money making? Heard many people talking on the way out _ disappointed. Theresa does have a beautiful gift but try cutting down the size of the audience and eager expectations.

2.0 star rating Martie McDermott from Richmond, Virginia


I was a huge fan but Very disappointed in the show. The entire thing felt staged. Less then 60 seconds into the show it just seemed like there were certain people "planted" near guests to pick up when the guests were not giving the right responses. She also seemed like she walked directly to certain people, little girl who was pretty and a camera apeared and tapping the last guy on the shoulder saying "stand up please" on her way up to the stage at the closing. I left very sad and dismayed. Also I felt that the guests holding up a sign was extremely unfair to the detoured and was very disrespectful to the rest of the audience. It actually angered me somewhat. Very let down because I was a true believer. I swore by her and defended her to many including my husband. My heart is broken.

2.0 star rating Rhonda from St. Louis, Missouri


Her show started of with a few four letter words that I found offensive and got worse when she told someone in the front of the theater to “stick it up your ass” in regards to a list of questions they had, this was followed by “just kidding” but I didn’t think it was funny, don’t bite the hand that feeds you Theresa. I saw her when she was here the last time and she was a different person!

2.0 star rating Geri from Dallas, Texas


Theresa Caputo is a lovely lady with a great personality. The venue was too large even though I had a great seat. People with big tubs of popcorn and nachos along with their drinks were very distracting. It felt like more of a show than an emotional experience. I basically just watched the large screen. This is the exact opposite of the John Edward events where the atmosphere is serious with plenty of natural humor, not silly. I will continue to watch her tv show, but I will not be going to anymore live events. I was so disappointed.

2.0 star rating Robin G from Las Vegas, Nevada


Well, Theresa Caputo is amusing as hell but if anyone believes that she has a "gift" communicating with the dearly departed, they are clearly delusional. Example" "Has anyone in the audience lost a brother named John?" Oh my god!!!! How did she know that? A question she asked the crowd numerous times. Of course there are people there who, coincidently did have said brother. Oh my god!!! And he DIED...This is impossible!! "And, he doesn't want you to feel guilty anymore! Sob, sob, cry cry..."he wants you to know he is at peace and loves you" NO!!! this is SUCH a revelation! "He said something special to you before he went" THIS is too much! He asked me sob, sob to take care of Fluffy!! his dog! "And Fluffy loves you too! Deadpan: Fluffy died. " BUT he is in heaven with John...and sends his love and thanks you for the Kibble. How did she know Fluffy ate Kibble? How did I know that, she asks. I can't make this stuff up! Really?

2.0 star rating Pam C. from Chicago, Illinois


I really liked her before I saw her live. She spent at LEAST 30 to 40 minutes on one guy in front row, who barely said anything to her. Total waste of all our time. But it seemed everyone who was read was on the main floor near an isle seat. Seemed odd. My friend said she was being led and told who to read by her entourage. She was not really friendly, a woman next to me said "Hi Theresa" and she was waved off. A simple hello would have been fine. Parking that night was a total mess for a small venue (Genesee Theatre in Waukegan). Then being disappointed at the show, was a waste of $135 to see her and the $10 parking and of course drinks. LOL

1.0 star rating Lucy from New Orleans, Louisiana


Well, I guess for those of us in the balcony, our spirit new not to show up. Although it was addressed in her begining monoglog that any reading could potentially apply to anyone in the theater, it appeared the floor audience got personalized one on one attention. I didn't feel one balcony audience member was treated respctfully by Ms. Caputo when she thought her loved one came through. I think the venue was definitely too large for this intimate event. This show should have been handled very differently.

1.0 star rating Giovanni from New York, New York


Managed to get 3 tickets while in the area for a 3 week stay. First of all, her “crew” is larger than Beyonce’s & constantly advising her. Same, General, “release the guilt” advise and bait that applied to most of us. Seems to know who to zero in on. Now I see Andy Cohen’s & Anderson Cooper’s, Chris Angel’s, etc. points. Left us jaw dropped. A true Gypsy, at her best. Save your money...and if u do see someone, they should have all 3 gifts..psychic, clairvoyance, empathic. Funny how now she starts with “we’re all different psychics”..and makes everyone, esp stars, end with “she’s the real deal” that she feels the need to compete with Tyler Henry all.of a sudden & do stars. People, myself included, can be so gullible.

1.0 star rating Karen from Medford, MA


I was extremely disappointed with the show at the Lowell Auditorium, MA, on 10OC2018. The readings were not very interesting, and to me were way to general. I also do not appreciate her throwing the "F" bomb around. I am not a prude, but it just was not necessary. After this performance I have vowed to myself to never go to another medium show. I now am a skeptic, and one that is out $80 thinking her show would be much better.

1.0 star rating John Carroll from Dickson, Tennessee


Get a comedy routine. People like you Theresa. Your personality is lovely. But that show in Nashville the other night was a tragedy. Everyone who sat in that audience should get a refund. If you are reading this, be forewarned. A private reading would be your best bet. Everyone on her tv show is happy and she seems so spot on. As for this live evening with her, dont put yourself through this. Her accuracy rate was near zero. Very sorry to disappoint others, but this is my review.

1.0 star rating Andrew Layne from Nashville, Tennessee


Disappointed like most of the audience. I knew that not everyone could get a reading. I wanted to see her make a connection. My girlfriend said she wanted to be part of "the experience." Having had the experience, i advise you to stay home, save your money, and watch her on tv if you must. She is a pleasant personality, and she needs to continue to be because her show sucked. Dont put yourself through the disappointment of this"experience." i believe that she is a fraud, sorry to say.

1.0 star rating Gayle from Nashville, Tennessee


A terrible waste of time, and money. I would never go to another one of her shows. I felt Everyone in that audience was united in grief at the loss of a loved one, and we all wanted to experience one more conversation with that person. I do not believe that anyone, not even those who had a reading were read. They were hood winked, pick-pocketed, and as if that wasnt enough, they were forced to sit in the audience and watch the con. Well i have done my penance. It was a painful evening to sit through, and can be likened to being forced to sit in a soiled diaper.

1.0 star rating Debbie from Charlotte, North Carolina


I had heard so many people tell me about their experiences in seeing her in earlier shows that I guess I had high hopes on what the show was going to be like. Really did not expect to get read, but thought she would read more people and be more friendly. I understand that she had hurt leg, but if she was not up to the show she could of cancelled. I feel I paid a lot of money to watch her read the few people in the front rows (which I am sure were from the fan club) and eat M & M's. To be honest I felt like the show was staged. Not saying the readings were, but she wasted a bunch of time talking and giving away the 3 t-shirts to the audience. Kind of feel like her success has changed her and not for the better.

1.0 star rating Cathy from Charlotte, North Carolina


If she was not feeling well, she should of cancelled or rescheduled the show. Was so looking forward to seeing her last night at Ovens Auditorium as I had seen her a few years ago. I had enjoyed the show so much and had talked about it many times as she must have read 25 to 35 people at the first show I attended. But was so disappointed last night the way she mainly focused on the first few rows for most of the show. Which I think they were all members of her fan club. Felt like she only wanted to talk to certain people. Myself and others stood up when it sounded like she was speaking of our family members, she was rude. When i had seen her before she was so gracious and friendly unlike this show last night where she seemed to waste time talking about m & m's and fan club etc. She also did not acknowledge the balcony people or go up in that area at all. She walked down the aisle once and down the other side to the stage and that was it.

1.0 star rating Jonica from Norfolk Va


Very disappointed. She read maybe 10 people out of the entire Chrysler Hall building. She was vague and scripted. I have always wanted to meet her, and the experience I ended up with makes me so sad. I was bored the entire time. The stage was blah. For as much as her tickets are, she needs to have some new stuff going on. Couldn't hear the people she did read. I would never go again. I left feeling robbed. I was so excited to go and see her, and maybe be read, but honestly, she didn't seem to have a gift at all. If anything it's the gift of being able to read body language and play off of it. I was a true Theresa fan until last night. Not anymore😕

1.0 star rating Rob Witters from Ottawa, Ontario

NOV 17

Very disappointed. wasn't expecting a reading, that wasn't the issue. The same old material u could stay home and watch on tv. Definitely not worth $100/ticket.

1.0 star rating Lynn Cassidy from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Tried to write this review four times only to be kicked out if it isn't in favor of her skills! WTF! Total disappointment, making me a non-believer. At $350 for two tickets, it was a joke. Everyone has had someone die in a car accident, suicide, etc.. these leading questions only allow her to enforce stupid questions about you hold guilt, etc.. I so wanted to believe and based on what I paid, should have received a personal reading!

1.0 star rating AW from Washington, District of Columbia


I have been a fan of the show for forever, but the live experience was extremely disappointing. She came on 30 minutes late, and stayed entirely on one side of the room for the entire night reading. She was late, she left early, and she broke alot of people's hearts by totally ignoring anyone on the other side of the auditorium. Plus, the first 15 minutes was just footage from the show and a live performance of the national anthem, which we stood for. Other than that, it was short, and not soulful. I went to her show in Huntington NY a few years ago--wasn't read but felt it was very worth it. She read for nearly 3 hours that time. NOT THE CASE AT THE MGM. Breaking more hearts than healing.

1.0 star rating Rebeca Goldenberg from Irvine, California


After reviewing all the opinions about to his woman I should say this Theresa Caputo should go to jail because she's a layer and a money maker, she doesn't care about people that are suffering due to the loss of their love ones. She's Evel and should stop doing this stupid reading, she's harming too many people.

1.0 star rating Mar from Santa Fe N M


Was my 1st time hearing about her.I was maybe believing in her 1st reading after that it got cheesy repetitive n practiced.I dream about my deceased family and friends almost on a nightly basis.I find it hard to believe that she wasnt channeled by at least one of them.she stuck to mainly one section n several of the people she read didnt agree with what she was saying.I felt robbed of money as that's what the show is about.thats how I feel..she made me a nonbeliever.

1.0 star rating from Toledo, Ohio


This was the biggest waste of money. A complete hoax. She is nothing but a self-aggrandizing "entertainer," which she fails at miserably. Agree with all of the 1-2 star ratings on this website. I was ready to leave after the first 15 minutes but stuck with it. When she dropped the F-bomb near the end, that was it. I wish I had counted how many times she said, "fair enough." Phony to say the least.

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I wish I had read these reviews befor I purchased the tickets for Theresa Caputo! Waited several months to spend good money to be disappointed. It seemed she addressed “plants” in the audience as she spent way to much time in three or four people then had time at the end and went back to one. Don’t waste your money!

1.0 star rating Liz Furner from Rancho Tehama Ca


Completely disappointed, scammed and was bored to death. She focused on the front rows, and took way too much senseless time picking clues out of the air. Luckily if the messages didn’t stick with the chosen audience member it “piggy backed” to someone close by. Apparently even in the spirit world money talks, so don’t bother buying balcony seats. She may have a gift, but now it’s a get rich enterprise. We three mothers that each lost a child drove 10 hours and hoped for a reading but knew it was a small chance. We didn’t know she’d be 15 minutes late, explain her gift for almost 30 minutes, read about 10 people and disappear back to the shadows. If you need comfort, visit a local medium, check your own area for a recommended psychic. Much love to all of you and may your loved one find a way to comfort you. Fair Enough Theresa?

1.0 star rating Lisa from Scranton, Pennsylvania


I as beyond disappointed by the whole experience first off parking was blocks away seats on the balcony over $200 seats so uncomfortable couldn’t even move when she came out on stage she spoke for over half hour before she started she never came to us on balcony we actually watched her from downstairs on a big screen because couldn’t see where she was half the time the things she threw out to the audience were so vague someone would raise their hand I was so unimpressed and disappointed she never came up to balcony or had anything to do with anyone but who was in first floor it actually sucked so bad I felt sick about it if I could have gotten a refund I would have I would advise anyone thinking of going to one of her shows don’t do it we work too hard for our money to make this fake rich

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